Monuments To Three Dead Empires

On this sunny Monday I decided to get some fresh air and inspect the remains of a few empires which exist only in history books. Continue reading “Monuments To Three Dead Empires”


Prague Day 1: Apparently They Don’t Speak Russian

Obviously, I knew that when I arrived in Czechia, which, apparently, is the official name for what used to be called the Czech Republic. They pulled a Prince on us and went with the “The Country Formerly Known As” angle.

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Munich Day 1: This Isn’t The German I Learnt At Uni

The day began early, after I, in the third day of a severe cold/possible sinus infection caused by all the freaking smoking in Berlin, and after two hours of sleep, hopped on the 5 am train to Munich. The problems began almost instantly, as the moment I left Berlin, I realised my German was nowhere near as good as I thought. Continue reading “Munich Day 1: This Isn’t The German I Learnt At Uni”

Goethe Galore

As an experienced language learner and an avid reader, I find I learn the most quickly by reading as much as possible in the target language. After my first year of French, I studied ahead a bit and read L’étranger and a few other books. With Russian, I read tons of short stories. With German, for some reason, I thought I could read Faust by Goethe. Continue reading “Goethe Galore”

How To Win Friends And Wear Eyeliner, Also Philosophers’ Graves

Meeting people in Berlin has been a challenge since I arrived. I already discussed at one point that Germans are very closed off, and that it is hard to find friends when you’re already alone. To qualify this statement, even a Frenchman from Paris, whom I met on Wednesday, said Germans are cold. A guy from Paris said that people in Germany are colder than in Paris.

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“Memoirs Of The World Chancellor”: Short Story By Stadden

I’ve never published anything, and this is perhaps not the best way to do it. But I want to test it out on you all. I wrote this short story a while ago, and edited it heavily in the past few days. I think it is finally in a somewhat presentable draft that is good enough to show off until I can find a real editor.

The idea came from a question I have always bounced round in my head, and which I will gladly explain in the comments, if you want. But if I told you the question itself, the story would be ruined.

Enjoy! Tell me if you guessed the ending early on.

And, you know, copyright 2017 Stadden all rights reserved and everything. If you use this anywhere please tell me, I probably won’t say no. Continue reading ““Memoirs Of The World Chancellor”: Short Story By Stadden”