Nosy People And The Citadel

Before I begin, I would like to announce that I have begun writing for The Canadian Daily, a popular news and opinion site on Canadian and international politics.

I have spent the majority of the past five years living in cities with very cold people, in which it is almost a crime to speak to anyone next to you if you don’t know him/her. And to be honest, I like that.

The moment I took a step southwards, everyone suddenly wanted to be my friend. Continue reading “Nosy People And The Citadel”


Charleston, SC: The City Everyone Hates

This week, my family travelled ten hours by car each way from Delaware to Charleston to see my sister at her military university.

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m the cultured, sensitive child in the family and she’s the tough one.  Continue reading “Charleston, SC: The City Everyone Hates”

Benjamin Franklin’s Writing Course, And Pëter The Great In Verse

Benjamin Franklin is a man for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration. Ever since I was a young child, I have heard about him constantly and I read multiple books on him when I was very young. It helps that I came from a place near Philadelphia, the city in which he made his name. But how did this penniless young man rise to such intellectual heights, and how did he learn to write well? Continue reading “Benjamin Franklin’s Writing Course, And Pëter The Great In Verse”

Prague Day 1: Apparently They Don’t Speak Russian

Obviously, I knew that when I arrived in Czechia, which, apparently, is the official name for what used to be called the Czech Republic. They pulled a Prince on us and went with the “The Country Formerly Known As” angle.

Continue reading “Prague Day 1: Apparently They Don’t Speak Russian”

Munich Day 1: This Isn’t The German I Learnt At Uni

The day began early, after I, in the third day of a severe cold/possible sinus infection caused by all the freaking smoking in Berlin, and after two hours of sleep, hopped on the 5 am train to Munich. The problems began almost instantly, as the moment I left Berlin, I realised my German was nowhere near as good as I thought. Continue reading “Munich Day 1: This Isn’t The German I Learnt At Uni”

Goethe Galore

As an experienced language learner and an avid reader, I find I learn the most quickly by reading as much as possible in the target language. After my first year of French, I studied ahead a bit and read L’étranger and a few other books. With Russian, I read tons of short stories. With German, for some reason, I thought I could read Faust by Goethe. Continue reading “Goethe Galore”