The Epidemic of Online Job Testing

It’s difficult enough for anyone to find a job these days without new barriers being erected constantly. My personal least favourite barrier is the online assessment, and I aim to describe why I refuse to do any application that involves one ever again. Continue reading “The Epidemic of Online Job Testing”


Everything Wrong With Shoreditch

Shoreditch a swish area in London, packed with people donning trendy streetwear and generally being insufferable. I hope to outline the ways in which they are, and to use as much meaningless jargon as possible.

As a full disclaimer, I really do like Shoreditch. There are some great bars and clubs out there, and great street food. But I’m nothing if not a constant complainer. Continue reading “Everything Wrong With Shoreditch”

Why I Disappeared

For the past year, I was writing a dissertation. I have read more than seventy books in their entirety since January as well as writing multiple papers. Therefore, I’ve been MIA. All three of you reading this must have been devastated.

This blog is going to become somewhat of a mix of travel, commentary, and polemics. Because my current net worth is less than $100, I haven’t been travelling much the past few months and instead have been going round London, where I live for the time being.

That said, I hope to be a bit better about regular posting in future.

That Time I Sort Of Trespassed On A Danish Military Base By Accident

I spent today walking round the city of Aalborg and trying to find a place called Lindholm Høje, a Viking cemetery and ruins, in Nørresundby, a town across the street. In the process, I’m pretty sure I accidentally trespassed on a military base.

Continue reading “That Time I Sort Of Trespassed On A Danish Military Base By Accident”

It’s Been Forever, But Let’s Take A “DRIVE”

I’m dreadfully sorry to all three of you who read this pitiful blog, but I have been rather busy the past month. I’m currently living in London for graduate studies, and I have either been reading, writing (for school), or crying in existential despair every moment of the past three months. Continue reading “It’s Been Forever, But Let’s Take A “DRIVE””

It’s Been A While, So I’m Going To Complain

I haven’t been on here in forever because nothing much has been going on, and in any case I’ve been in a terrible mood the past few weeks so I haven’t felt like writing anything. To be perfectly honest, I totally forgot I even had this blog. But S. (yes, the S.) reminded me of it last week and I realised I should recommence to some small degree.

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