It’s Been Forever, But Let’s Take A “DRIVE”

I’m dreadfully sorry to all three of you who read this pitiful blog, but I have been rather busy the past month. I’m currently living in London for graduate studies, and I have either been reading, writing (for school), or crying in existential despair every moment of the past three months. Continue reading “It’s Been Forever, But Let’s Take A “DRIVE””


It’s Been A While, So I’m Going To Complain

I haven’t been on here in forever because nothing much has been going on, and in any case I’ve been in a terrible mood the past few weeks so I haven’t felt like writing anything. To be perfectly honest, I totally forgot I even had this blog. But S. (yes, the S.) reminded me of it last week and I realised I should recommence to some small degree.

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What’s Wrong With The Christian Church: Let’s Get Controversial

I must insert as a prolegomenon that I am, in fact, a devout Protestant, even though I break some rules as all who have been reading this may know. The aim here is to consider what exactly is going wrong in the Church, and why people are leaving it, based on an experience I had in Charleston. Continue reading “What’s Wrong With The Christian Church: Let’s Get Controversial”

Nosy People And The Citadel

Before I begin, I would like to announce that I have begun writing for The Canadian Daily, a popular news and opinion site on Canadian and international politics.

I have spent the majority of the past five years living in cities with very cold people, in which it is almost a crime to speak to anyone next to you if you don’t know him/her. And to be honest, I like that.

The moment I took a step southwards, everyone suddenly wanted to be my friend. Continue reading “Nosy People And The Citadel”

Benjamin Franklin’s Writing Course, And Pëter The Great In Verse

Benjamin Franklin is a man for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration. Ever since I was a young child, I have heard about him constantly and I read multiple books on him when I was very young. It helps that I came from a place near Philadelphia, the city in which he made his name. But how did this penniless young man rise to such intellectual heights, and how did he learn to write well? Continue reading “Benjamin Franklin’s Writing Course, And Pëter The Great In Verse”